A Three-Day Painting workshop that will inspire the way you paint forever!

The Grand View Ranch
1511 Maple Drive,

Hammond Ranch
CA 96094

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“Learning about the effect of light, composition, color value, sketching, and painting, all in the magnificent setting of Mt. Shasta was wonderful.  Three days all to yourself with other aspiring artists, and at the end of the day, gourmet meals and warm camaraderie made my experience priceless!”
Joan Feeney
Woodside, CA

“Keep up your great vision!  The Universe listens to the language of our hearts and wants to conspire with us to have the best possible life we can have in this world.”
Steve Wise
Walnut Creek, CA

“A weekend of magnificent views, great instruction, and superb organization. The insights were dramatic!  What I learned from The Grand View’s three day workshop in Mt Shasta will have a lasting effect on my painting skills forever, I felt totally pampered … alive”
Vito Congemi
Los Gatos, CA

“I have been challenged and motivated.  The agenda was very well planned, the lecture informative and practical, and the atmosphere casual and warmly comfortable.”
Bernadette Engehausen
Gilroy, CA